Complete Closed-system Bioprocessing



Fill 10 vials at a time with the CellSeal Semi-Automated Filling System for larger batches.


Seal single vials with the CellSeal Radio Frequency Tube Sealing System.


When sealed, CellSeal Closed-System Cryogenic Vials provide protection from exposure to harmful contaminants.


The CellSeal Freezing Container ensures consistent and repeatable freezing of samples up to 5 mL.


The CellSeal Vial Thawing System provides controlled thawing in lab environments.

“The CellSeal lends itself to automated filling which makes it attractive for large scale, allogenic products as the technology is developed.”

– Professor Mark W Lowdell of University College London

Watch CellSeal
in Action

Manual Filling

Semi-Automated Filling

  • Closed-System

    Provides protection from exposure to harmful contaminants.

  • Sample safety in extreme conditions

    Durable vials can be handled when they are frozen

  • Maximum sample recovery

    The conical design of the retrieval port maximizes sample recovery

  • Configuration options

    2 mL and 5 mL vials; Loading ports configured for syringes with needles or needleless