AF-500™ Automated Fill and Seal System

Moving from concept to commercialization, the CellSeal AF-500 delivers the automation difference in a precision engineered, GMP compatible, fill-finish system.

  • Automatic sterile filling and sealing of vials (ten 2 mL or 5 mL vials per set)
  • Fills and seals up to 400 CellSeal vials per hour*
  • Transfers source material through needleless Luer fittings on the nozzle and the vials
  • Customizable vial fill volume

Handling your solution with care

  • Source material is protected from heat exposure during sealing state
  • Filling accuracy is >99% for fill volumes from 0.8 mL to 5 mL

Data collection

  • Remote software records and stores process parameters of the system during operation
  • Temperature of your source material may also be recorded
* Rate may vary with fill volume and product-specific flow limitations.

User specifications

  • Use in biosafety cabinet, isolators, or controlled benchtop environment
  • Electricity (108-125/220-245 VAC 50/60 Hz)
  • Compatible with vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization

System dimensions
117.5 cm wide x 50.7 cm high x 50 cm deep

Electronic control cabinet dimensions
60 cm wide x 45.1 cm high x 21 cm deep

AF-500 in-hood assembly: 95 kgs
Electrical cabinet: 30 kgs


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CellSeal Cryogenic Vials 10Set

DescriptionQuantity Per BoxRPNOrder Number
2 mL Needleless 10Set10 packs of 10 vialsCSV-047-10SETG47620
5 mL Needleless 10Set10 packs of 10 vialsCSV-049-10SETG47622

Connection Kit

DescriptionQuantity Per PackageRPNOrder Number
Transfer kit1 per packageTK-500 G57458