CellSeal Freezing Container

Consistent and repeatable freezing

Consistency and Repeatability

  • Approximately 1℃/min freezing profile

Ease of Use

  • Reusable and cleanable
  • No power supply or LN2 required
  • No alcohol or additive required for freezing process
  • Variable batch sizes with the addition of filler vials
CapacityHeight (cm)Diameter (cm)RPNOrder Number
CellSeal Freezing Container for use with 2 mL CellSeal vials
12 vials14.4714.60CFC-002G46369
CellSeal Freezing Container for use with 5 mL CellSeal vials
12 vials12.5417.14CFC-005G46370
Freezing Container

Freezing Container
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