Sealing system Vial markers

Radio Frequency Tube Sealing System

Hand seal CellSeal vials and sample segments with controlled heat.

Suitable for smaller sample batches

  • Use conveniently under a protective hood
  • Create consistent seals in three seconds
  • Create a closed system

Product quality

  • The manufacturer is ISO 13485 certified
  • The CellSeal sealing system is compliant with the Directives for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Low Voltage (LVD) under the Standard EN 61010-01.


Manual Sealing ConfigurationRPNOrder Number
RF Sealing System, 120VCSS-066G44416
RF Sealing System, 230V EUCSS-067G44417
RF Sealing System, 230V, AsiaCSS-068G44418
RF Sealing System, 230V, AUCSS-069G44419
Freezing Container

Radio Frequency
Tube Sealing System

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Snap-on Vial Markers

Color code your vials.

Differentiate your vials at a glance with colored snap‐on vial markers.

ColorQuantity Per PackageRPNOrder Number


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