Closed-System Cryogenic Vials

Unique patented vial for cryogenic storage and recovery

Closed-system protection for your samples

  • Once sealed, the closed system protects the samples from exposure to harmful contaminants
  • Tubing can be sealed into separate sample segments
  • U.S. Patents US8936905, US9565854, US8709797, and US9877475

Sample safety in extreme conditions

  • Durable vials can be handled when they are frozen
  • Safely submerge vials in liquid nitrogen

Maximum sample recovery

  • The closed system prevents sample leakage
  • A microbial barrier vent allows air back into the vial during retrieval for easy syringe filling
  • The conical design of the retrieval port maximizes sample recovery

Configuration options

  • 2 mL and 5 mL vials available
  • Loading ports configured for syringes with needles or needleless, Luer fittings
  • 10Set of 2 mL or 5 mL prepackaged vials for use with the Semi-Automated Filling System

Product Quality

  • The manufacturer is ISO 13485:2003 compliant.
  • The injection port, vial tubing, vial body, and retrieval port are all manufactured from USP Class VI compliant materials.
  • CellSeal vials have demonstrated low levels of extractables and leachables in evaluations.*
    *E&L data is available
  • A Certificate of Compliance per lot number is provided to the customer with each purchase.

Individual Vials

DescriptionNumber Of Vials
Per Package
RPNOrder Number
2 mL Needleless Barbed25CSV-046G44374
5 mL Needleless Barbed10CSV-048G44375
2 mL Clear Access4CSV-051-4G57013
5 mL Clear Access4CSV-052-4G57014


DescriptionQuantity Per BoxRPNOrder Number
2 mL Needleless 10Set10 packs of 10 vialsCSV-047-10SETG47620
5 mL Needleless 10Set10 packs of 10 vialsCSV-049-10SETG47622


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